The Be In Christ church is committed to developing leaders. A distinctive of the BIC is the investment we make in the leadership development of our pastors. We have amazing cohort of pastors and desire to see each one become the best version of themselves. Each year we bring our entire team together for two major training events with gifted communicators who can speak to issues we are facing in this cultural moment.

The leadership of the local church has never been more difficult than it is now and it has never been more important than it is now. It is our vision that our pastors would be those who are characterized by three practices:  loving, learning and leading. 

To register for an upcoming event click the link below.

LEAD events are free for all credentialed BIC pastors. If you would like to attend one of our LEAD events and you are not credentialed with the BIC you are more than welcome but there may be a small fee to cover the costs of the program for that day.

Feel free to view some of the fantastic events from previous years as listed below.

Previous events

FALL 2023

Next Sunday
Nancy Beach & Samantha Beach Kiley


FALL 2022

Reaching Emerging Generations
Chris Folmsbee


FALL 2021

A Changing Landscape
Fresh Expressions



Forming a Goodness Culture
Scot McKnight


FALL 2020

Racism and Social Justice
Denley McIntosh & Cheryl Bear


FALL 2019

Evangelicals and Egalitarianism
Sarah Bessey


What’s Your Story?
Sarah Heath



Connecting Beyond Culture
New Leaf Canada



Becoming Irrelevant?
Joel Theissen


FALL 2017

The Life We Have With Jesus
Brian and Peri Zahnd



Overcoming Evil With Good
Greg Boyd