Jesus + Everyday People

In 2014, a small group of friends got together in a living room to pray and dream about planting a church. After a number of months, what emerged was given the name Reunion. This was never intended to be a network of church plants, but a local community. Funny thing, sometimes God shows up and surprises us all, giving us a glimpse of something he’s been up to all along!

Reunion is now a network of Jesus followers, choosing to work together while planting independent churches across our amazing country and beyond. While we admittedly have so much to learn, we willingly step into the unknown – responding to Jesus’ invitation of kingdom partnership.

To explore church planting or find out more about the Reunion Network, contact Wes Wood, Lead Pastor at Reunion Belleville.

Culture Statements

The Reunion Network is held together relationally, choosing to embrace six culture statements that describe both who we are and who we want to be. These statements define the ethos and values of our community, and arise from our collective story.


As we grow and stretch out into new cities, the culture statements are the glue that holds us together. Each church is local – reflecting the community and culture in which they find themselves; but each and every Reunion community tries to figure out what it means to live out these values in their own cities and neighbourhoods. These provide a common language and focus, while allowing each local church freedom to innovate in ways that make sense to their local culture.

We currently have Reunion churches in Belleville, Brockville, Alliston, Kirkland Lake, and Stouffville, Ontario as well as Colombia and Kuwait.