Handbook on Faith & Life

Throughout the history of our church family, we have created numerous statements on doctrine and governance. These documents reflect the desire of our church to have our life and practice in community to be based on the scriptures. The evolution of these documents also reflects a willingness to change as our understanding of scripture is furthered.

The Handbook on Faith and Life contains our Articles of Faith and Doctrine, our General Operating Bylaw and the Articles of Government, which govern local churches and pastors.

The Handbook on Faith and Life isĀ intended to promote unity and cooperation in our quest for piety and obedience. United in our common purpose, these documents guide our church polity as we seek to follow Jesus as Lord of the Church.

Printed copies of the Handbook on Faith and Life can be requested by contacting our office. Please note that printed copies are $5 each plus shipping costs. The download version is free.