The Board of Directors of the local church fulfills an essential and significant role in the life of the church. Below are resources to help you.

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Be In Christ Polity

Explain how each local church is a part of the BIC family and adheres to the Be In Christ Articles of Government.

Overview of the delineation of responsibilities between the local church leadership and BIC leadership and how we work together.

Board Overview

General overview of the main areas of responsibility of church boards.

Vision, financial oversight, risk management, CRA compliance, hiring of senior pastor.


Responsibilities of the treasurer

Developing a financial policy regarding investing, how donations are handled, etc.

Risk Management

Proper insurance coverage

Abuse Protection Plan

CRA Compliance


Updating BOD info with the Charities Directorate

Keeping records of meetings, finances, etc as required


Essential and recommended policies that the church board should have in place.

Examples: Protection Plan, financial policy, facility rental policy

Annual General Meeting

Explain the purpose and requirements of the local church AGM.

Employee Services

Description of benefits, pension, and payroll services for employees of local BIC churches

Explain how the pastoral search process works.