Lent Devotional

Contemplation and Celebration

The Easter season is a highly significant time of both contemplation and celebration. In the days leading up to Easter we contemplate the road that Jesus walked in obedience, culminating in the sacrifice of his life on behalf of humanity. When we come to Easter we celebrate the miracle both of the resurrection of Jesus and the hope of new life that it brings us.

Our yearly Lent devotional provides the opportunity for us to walk through this season in a unified way across all of our churches. The daily readings and reflections are written by our pastors and leaders with representation across all three of our expressions.


Printable Version

This version is designed for printing with a printer set to ‘do not scale’ and ‘double sided’ flipping on the ‘short edge’ of the page.

Digital version

This version displays the lent devotional ‘page-by-page’ and is designed for a digital book experience.

Family Resources

Inspiring resources to engage with the Easter season together as a family.

Small Group Resources

Resources to facilitate discussion in a weekly small group experience.