Three Expressions

A Place for Everyone

The Be In Christ Church of Canada is a family of churches. While each church is unique based on its context, we are united by our love for Jesus, love for each other and our common mission to be a growing faith community that follows Jesus and shares his message and extends his peace to the world. 

Through our different expressions of church – Community Churches, The Meeting House, and Reunion – we are connecting with our local communities to introduce new people to Jesus, responding in compassion to human need and building his kingdom in this world.





Community Churches

Community Churches have different and unique looks, histories and styles of doing ministry. They discern how Jesus is directing their life together under their local leadership. Our passion is to see them become the best version of themselves for their cultural context. Community Churches are all about faith, family and a feeling of “coming home”.

The Meeting House is a church for people who aren’t into church. Interested in Jesus, but not into traditional religion? Then The Meeting House is the right place for you. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with organized religion, maybe you are investigating Jesus for the first time, or maybe you have moved into a new area and are looking for a community to rally around and serve our world to make it better.









Reunion is a growing network of Jesus followers, choosing to work together while planting churches across our amazing country. They are held together relationally, choosing to embrace six Culture Statements that define the ethos and values of their community.