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The Life We Have With Jesus

The Life We Have With Jesus

Spiritual Formation for Everyday Life & Ministry
(with Brian & Peri Zahnd)

Prayer, liturgy & praying in order to be formed.

In the daily realities of ministry, we invite people into a “relationship” with Jesus. As we do so, we intend to call people into the same kind of life-giving and transformative walk with the Lord that we experience. The challenge can be that sometimes the words which describe our own life with Jesus are more “ritual” and “routine” than the “life in all its fullness” Paul speaks of.

The comforts of contemporary life, the pace of our schedules, the business of Church, the demands of working with people and the anxiety of trying to navigate an increasingly secular culture can leave us struggling to make space for our own connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our pastors have expressed to us a desire to deepen their relationship with Christ and lead out of that place. In response to this desire, we are excited to host Pastor and author Brian Zahnd and his wife Peri to lead a spiritual retreat for all of our BIC pastors and staff during our Cross Expression Retreat October 2017 at Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, ON.

Brian & Peri’s journey has led them into the rediscovery of centuries old practices of spiritual formation. Together they have crafted a wonderful experience of new ‘ancient’ ways of cultivating the spiritual life. We believe you will be drawn closer to Christ as well as gaining new spiritual skills for ministry through this time together.

Event Date: October 18-19th, 2017
Event Location: Horseshoe Resort, Barrie ON

Event Speaker:
Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd is the founder & lead pastor of Word of Life Church, a non-denominational Christian congregation in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Brian & his wife, Peri, founded the church in 1981.

Event Handout

Download the Handout Booklet PDF for this event here (including liturgy notes).

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Watch the Sessions:

  • 1) Introduction
    Bruxy Cavey (The Meeting House) introduces Brian & Peri Zahnd.

  • 2) Session One – Morning Prayers
    Brian Zahnd explains his use of prayer & liturgy.

  • 3) Session Two – Prayers of Re-Entry
    Brian talks about prayer that brings us back to the world.

  • 4) Session Three – Prayers Exercise
    Praying using Brian’s variation of “St. Patrick’s Breastplate”.

  • 5) Session Four – Contemplative Prayers
    Learning what it means to just “Be With Jesus”.
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